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Tracking phone number has never been easier. With our GPS tracking software you can find any mobile device just by entering it's number and country code number.


About Cell Phone Location Tracker​

You must have found yourself in situation when you couldn't find your mobile device or it got stolen. We are here to tell you that those problems could get easily solved with all the benefits nowadays technology offers. Today you can find online phone tracker free with just phone number. Our Cell Tracker app uses satellites to determinate exact GPS coordinates of the phone you are targeting. The fact that makes this possible is that GPS locator works even when it's disabled, it always runs at the background. Our developers used this to create free cell phone tracker online for all of you worried parents not knowing where they kids are or what they might be doing, or those of you who are not certain where there family or friends are at the moment. We hope that we helped you with our free real time GPS tracking app.

What You Need to Know Before Starting Phone Tracker Free?

We are trying to provide our services to real people, that is why we are using human verification process to disable access for bots and others who might abuse it. We would advise you to complete that step in order to get precise location of phone number, if you choose not to do so you will be able to see general area your target is located in.

Some of Cell Tracker App Features


Find out the location in under a minute

Online Based

No downloads are needed for our app to work


Pinpoint the location within 20 square feet radius


Our app works with all smart devices, windows, mac and linux

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my tracking be detected?

Do I need to install any software on the phone I want to track?

Will this app work on the phone that has no gps feature.

Can I track multiple phones at once?


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