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Tracking phone number has never been easier. With our GPS tracking software you can find any mobile device just by entering it's number and country code number.


About Cell Phone Location Tracker​

You must have found yourself in a situation when you couldn't find your mobile device or it got stolen. We are here to tell you that those problems could get easily solved with all the benefits nowadays technology offers. Today you can find online phone tracker free with just a phone number.

Our Cell Tracker app uses satellites to determinate exact GPS coordinates of the phone you are targeting. The fact that makes this possible is that GPS locator works even when it's disabled, it always runs in the background. Our developers used this to create free cell phone tracker online for all worried parents not knowing where they kids are or what they might be doing, or those of you who are not certain where their family or friends are at the moment. We hope that we helped you with our free real-time GPS tracking app.

What You Need to Know Before Starting Cell Phone Tracker?

We are trying to provide our services to real people that is why we are using human verification process to disable access for bots and others who might abuse it. We would advise you to complete that step to get the precise location of a phone number. If you choose not to do so you will be able to see general area your target is located.

Some of Cell Tracker App Features


Find out the location in under a minute

Online Based

No downloads are needed for our app to work


Pinpoint the location within 20 square feet radius


Our app works with all smart devices, windows, mac and linux

Find Phone Location Inside a Building

One of the most important capabilities that smartphones nowadays have is knowing where they are. Desktop computers, laptops, even tablets are much harder to take with you than a smartphone. The smartphone can combine its location with many other pieces of data, and our application is exploiting that exact fact. With a little bit of help from wi-fi stations and network relays our app can help you pinpoint the exact location of your phone within 20 square feet radius. A couple of years ago this wouldn't be possible.

find lost phone

All you need to track a phone inside a building is the phone number. Tracking a mobile device is the easiest way of finding out where your child is. If you're not sure if your child is studying or is playing with the neighbor's kids, you can find out with a simple click. Maybe you want to track your employees.

If you're concerned that your employee is slacking off, chatting with the colleagues instead of working, or if that employee is taking more breaks than it should, you can find out. With our app, you can see the exact location of your employee within 10 to 20 square feet radius. If you have the phone number you wish to track, just enter it, click and wait a minute while our app calculates and finds out the location of the wanted smartphone.

GPS, short for Global Positioning System was developed by United States Department of Defense and it is included in cell phones in the late 1990s. A network of satellites is still your best bet if you want to find your phone outdoors. GPS uses satellites that send location and timing data directly to your smartphone.

If the phone picks up a signal from three satellites, it can show you the location of your phone. If it gets the signal from four satellites, it can show your phone's elevation. Our app makes sure that your phone picks up a signal from four satellites and in doing so you can find your phone in a building no matter if that phone is 100 feet (30 meters) above or even below you. If no GPS signal is available, which is rare but still possible, don't fret.

Our application uses wi-fi stations too. It takes the signals which local wi-fi stations are emitting, and those signals are called RSSI (received signal strength indication). By analyzing all of the RSSI in the building or even from nearby buildings depending on their signal strength, our app can pinpoint the exact location of your smartphone within 10 to 20 square feet and all of that inside a building. If there are Bluetooth beacons in your building, our app can use them too, and in using them, it can be the most precise. It can pinpoint the location of your phone in 10 cm radius. Unfortunately, such beacons are rare, and Bluetooth is usually turned off on smartphones.

The important thing is, our app is completely online and free, so you don't need to install any app on the device you wish to track, and in under a minute you can find the location of the desired device within 10 to 20 square feet radius, even in a big and crowded building.

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How to Track a Cell Phone Location on the Map

With our new device, you will never have to worry about losing your cell phone. You can now find the location of your missing phone, your friends’ phone, your kids’ phone, anyone you need for that matter. And the best thing is all you need is their phone number, and you can start tracking. It is a tricky thing when you find out your phone is missing. Our whole world is now in this little devices, our family contact numbers, emails, messages, notes, calendar planning, basically everything. That is why we get a little panicky when we figure out our phone is not where we thought we left it.

How it all works?

When the phone is lost or stolen, or you want to track your children, or your spouse, all you have to do is have the device on which you can use the Internet connection and use our app. When you start the application, it will ask you to enter the phone number that you want to locate. Once you enter the number, it will show you the map, and you will get the information about the general area where the cell phone is located.

Since this is something we want to provide for real people you will be asked to do human verification process for us to know you are not some bot and that you will not abuse our site. When you finish the human verification process, you will have the precise location of the cell phone given to you on the map. All process of tracking a cell phone location by our app is so fast. You will have the given location in under a minute. Did we mention all this is free? Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself

Our app uses satellites to determinate precise GPS location on the map. Now every smartphone has its GPS system that can tell you of exact location and movement of the phone. To know the exact position of the phone GPS relies on the information it receives from the navigation satellites. This works through the concept of GPS triangulation which is used to locate mobile devices/users.

Since you didn’t need to install any software on the phone of a person you want to find and you didn’t give away any personal information while using this app, there is no way that you can be detected. If somehow the person you are tracking finds out about it, even though that can’t happen, there is nothing that can trace it back to you. You are completely invisible in this story.

This app is compatible with all smart devices, Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be used on any smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. Another thing that makes using this app so great is that you don’t even have to download the app. All you need is an Internet connection, and you are good to go. There is not limitation in using this app. You can track more than one device if you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my tracking be detected?

Do I need to install any software on the phone I want to track?

Will this app work on the phone that has no gps feature.

Can I track multiple phones at once?


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