Looking for a cell phone tracker for free online? Do you know what the difference between a cell phone tracker and a cell phone locator are? Many people who have heard various ways to locate a cell phone get these two methods confused. While both methods allow you to find a phone they are very different in capabilities and intended use.

Locators vs. Trackers
A basic cell phone locator is an LBS (Location Based System) using an online service such as Google Earth. These locators are not entirely accurate using only basic GPS. Cell phone trackers are downloaded software. Cell phone spy software allows monitored phones to be tracked using information found on the phone.

The one similarity LBS has to a tracker app is the ability to use GPS to locate a cell phone. Both can tell you the approximate location of a monitored phone. Although a slight difference exists here also; a tracking app is more accurate compared to LBS in that it can pinpoint the cell phone and tell you when the phone moves into, or out of, specified ranges.

Can You Find a Phone For Free Online
If you type in “free spy app” into a search engine you can find ads on ads. Cell phone trackers found free online are mostly useless. You can find your phone free online within a general area, but not a specific location. To do so you need to be signed into an LBS service utilizing Google Earth, such as Google Latitude. Even if you do find a web site touting such a service, you will be confronted with ads, or need to allow marketing parters to send you ads; or worse, your phone or email information will be sold to marketers that will send suspicious ads and software to your computer and phone.

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Cell Phone Location Tracking Software
Trustworthy spy phone software is not the same as a free phone locator. Again, you will not find a good cell phone tracker free online. Tracking apps are more sophisticated and capture a varied degree of information depending on their ability and intended use. Most apps track text messages and emails. Many can capture video and photos right from the phone. A few allow you to silently listen in on calls either via voice mail or via capturing the actual call.

Regardless of which method you use to locate a cell phone, you will not find a totally free method. LBS usually loads the computer or phone with ads, marketing or you must sign onto allow these to use it; a good cell phone tracker isn’t free online but is a paid service.

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