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While at first the idea of cell phone tracking may seem a little intrusive, a good cell phone tracker app can be an excellent tool to help monitor the location of your children or teenagers and can also be extremely useful in locating your own mobile device if it is ever lost or stolen. This can also be a girlfriend tracker app, boyfriend tracker app, wife tracker app or husband tracker app.

For those of you who have ever gone through the ordeal of replacing all of your contact information or downloaded applications after losing your phone, you will quickly see the value in being able to locate your phone in a hurry.

A cell phone tracker application can also be valuable for companies and business owners who need to monitor employees to make sure that they are staying on schedule or making proper use of company time. This can quickly add to productivity and result in an improved profitability picture by eliminating wasted time and inappropriate use of company vehicles and equipment.

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How Do Cell Phone Trackers Work?

In order to track the location of a particular phone, that phone must have GPS capability. Once the software has been downloaded and the app has been installed, the phone sends a signal to the satellite which then records the location coordinates on a map. There are a few additional requirements that must be met in order to track the phone. First, the phone must be turned on and the tracking app enabled so that it can emit the proper signal necessary for the satellite to locate the device. The best phone tracker apps have the ability to run in the background while your phone is on so if anyone were to steal the phone, they would be unlikely to know that the phone was being actively tracked. The phone must also be in an area covered by the network provider in order to function properly but considering the massive coverage areas of most cell phone service providers; this is rarely an issue unless you live in a remote area.

Additional Features to Consider

Depending on how much information you need, there are some tracking services that will also provide remote access to call logs, the ability to listen to phone calls, and read text messages. These more detailed trackers are sometimes referred to as cell phone spy apps. There are usually subscription costs or additional fees involved after the initial purchase of download of the app in order to access these extended services. For more personal uses such as tracking your own trips, exercise routes, bike rides, and the like, there are several free apps that can be downloaded from either the App Store for iPhone users or the Android Marketplace for Droid users.

As with many free apps, you can usually eliminate advertising and gain access to more detailed functionality by upgrading to the paid version of the application. The choice should ultimately come down to which version best matches up with your individual needs. There are several good packages out there ranging from the most basic of services to highly detailed interfaces which can track and plot multiple devices at the same time.

We hope you enjoy all of the phone tracking app posts. The use of cell phone tracking apps is on the rise.

There is no one top cell phone tracking app but there are many tracking apps that are on the top of our list including Mobile spy , Flexispy , Spy Bubble , and Mobistealth .


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